Administrative Professionals' Day

What is Administrative Day:

Administrative Professionals Day celebrated: On the third Thursday in April (19th April in 2012).
• Administrative Professional's Week is celebrated: last full week of April.
Administrative Professionals Day also known as 'Secretaries Day' or 'Admin Day' or 'Administrative Day', is an unofficial secular holiday observed in several countries to recognize the work of secretaries, administrative assistants, receptionists, and other administrative support professionals. In North America, it is celebrated on the Wednesday of the last full week of April. In much of Europe it is celebrated on the third Thursday in April.

History of Administrative Day:

National Professional Secretaries Week and National Secretary's Day was created in 1952 through the work of Harry F. Klemfuss of Young and Rubicam. Klemfuss recognized the importance and value of the position to a company or business. His goal was to encourage more women to become secretaries. Using his skill and experience in public relations, Klemfuss, promoted the values and importance of the job of secretaries. In doing so, he also created the holiday in recognition of the importance of secretaries.

On Administrative Day:

Over the years, Administrative Professionals Week has become one of the largest workplace observances. The event is celebrated worldwide through community events, social gatherings, and individual corporate activities recognizing support staff with gifts.
In the United States, the day is often celebrated by giving one's assistant gifts such as flowers, candy, trinkets, lunch at a restaurant, or time off.

Celebrations Across the World:

It is celebrated through out the world. The most common ways of recognizing your Administrative Professional(s) today are gifting Flowers, Cards, Take them to lunch, Sweets & Candies, Assorted Gift Baskets etc.


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