Chocolate is the most famous corporate gift in the world. And why it shouldn't be ? It is something that is loved by all no matter what. A chocolate box is surely a gift on any list no matter it you are looking for a Diwali corporate gift, a new year corporate gift or any event corporate gift. With the popularity of chocolates, one will surely get a ton of options to choose from. But beware, with choices comes great responsibilities too.

When selecting a chocolate, you need to be very careful in picking the type of chocolate. All chocolates are not the same and you need to understand what you are buying. Quality of chocolate is defined by many different factors but the most important ones are the cocoa source, cocoa content and use of cocoa butter. Belgian and swiss chocolates are regarded as one of the most premium ones in the world and are used by the renowned chocolatiers all across the globe. Cocoa content defines the sweetness or bitterness of the chocolate ; higher the cocoa content darker or bitter it will be. Cocoa butter is an essential part of the premium chocolate.

Looking at above, one may get little confused with the technical details of the chocolate. But it is really important to know all these things as a poorly picked corporate chocolate gift can do more harm than any good. Always check the quality of chocolate before finalizing it. Believe it or not, some of the chocolates available at your local retailer might not actually be termed as chocolates technically !!

We at, give an utmost attention to the chocolate quality and offer you a variety of options in Swiss & Belgian chocolates. We also have a capability to craft a single origin chocolate variety by using the cocoa from Venezuela, Peru, Ghana, Hawaii, Kenya, Peru & Egypt. Our corporate diwali gift options for chocolate as a part of diwali corporate gift options include Truffles, pralines, chocolate bars, soft centered bonbons, mendients, nuggets, mini bars and many more exciting varieties.

In addition to this exciting range of premium chocolate options, we also offer a variety of customized chocolate packaging options. Our range of corporate diwali gifts chocolate box are completely flexible for personalization and customization and can meet any of your request for design, branding and color theme. We also offer exciting options in gift towers, goodie bags, swivel boxes and gift towers for all of your corporate gifting needs.