Grand Cashew Mania

Grand Cashew Mania

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What's Included:

A truly mouth watering combination of a large variety a premium quality cashews. Flavors to please all kind of taste buds. Everything in just one go!

  • Spicy Black Pepper Cashews 100 gms
  • Sweet Chocolate Cashews 100 gms
  • Sweet Saffron Cashews 100 gms
  • Cheesy Yum Cheese Cashews 100 gms
  • Hot Spicy Red Chilli Cashews 100 gms
  • Skinned Cashews 100 gms
  • Sweet Pink Strawberry Cashews 100 gms
  • Sweet Rose Pink Cashews 100 gms
  • Hot Spicy Green Chilli Cashews 100 gms
  • Spicy Bhujia Cashews 100 gms
  • Black Currant Cashews 100 gms
  • White Lychee Cashews 100 gms

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 The content might vary a bit depending on seasonal availability. 


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