The Smiling Rainbow Candle Set

The Smiling Rainbow Candle Set

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A collection of 7 beautiful vibrant colored candles with frangrances that will not just relax your mind but also make your soul smile.


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The Smiling Rainbow Candle Set comes with 7 different colors and fragrances of jumbo tea lights measuring around 6cm in diameter and and 2.5 cm in height.
Each candle is associated with a power symbol and helps in relaxing a particular area of the body.

  • Violet (Realize) - Associated with Divine Energy and Self Realization.
  • Indigo (Enlighten) - Associated with psychic power and higher intution.
  • Blue (Relate) - Associated with communication.
  • Green (Love) - Associated with love, romance and relationships.
  • Yellow (Harmonize) - Associated with life force or personal power.
  • Orange (Create) - Associated with sensuality, emotions and intuition.
  • Red (Awaken) - Associated with success related to business and related world.
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