Valentines Day

What is Valentines Day:

Every year Valentines Day falls on February 14. It doesn't matter whether 14 February is on a weekday or weekend, Valentines Day is officially celebrated on that day. It is a day to express your love, emotions and to glorify the spirit of love. This day also admires the martyrdom of a Christian saint, St. Valentine, who is supposed to be the originator of the festival marked with religious influence.

History of Valentines Day:

There are many versions of the origination of Valentines Day but the most popular version is about St. Valentine who lived in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II.
Claudius had put a ban on all marriages and engagements in Rome as he wanted more young men to join the army and get involved in bloodshed war. A romantic at heart priest by the name of Valentine defied this unjustified order of Claudius by secretly arranging marriages of young boys and girls. When the Emperor came to know this, Valentine was put behind bars and he was finally executed on February 14, about 270 AD.
Valentine was named a saint after his death and the day Feb 14 was considered a day of romance and love.

On Valentines Day:

The Valentines Day in modern day is considered as a festival that has emerged as a gift gifting and popular dating festival. The most popular way to celebrate the day is by showing your love to your sweethearts with an exchange of gifts like Fresh Fruits, Flowers, Sweets & Chocolates, Cards, Jewelry etc. In the modern advanced age, exchange of text messages between loved ones has also become a regular norm. Going on dates is the other major way of celebrating Valentine's Day Festival.

The spirit of love is seen all over & lovers are found thronging parks, restaurants, malls and multiplexes. With Valentine's Day symbols of roses, hearts, cupids and lovebirds, the markets wear a festive look. Thus the month of February is a month symbolizing pristine love and for all young lovers, it seems that love is in the air with the commencement of February.

Celebrations Around the World:

Any country where Christianity is a major religion celebrates it. Today, It is celebrated in most countries around the world, but it is not declared a national holiday of a majority of them because most of the people already celebrated it to make it popular.


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