World Teachers Day

What is World Teachers Day:

World Teachers Day is celebrated all across the globe on 5th October, every year. The day came to be celebrated for the first time in the year 1994 and since then, it has been observed by 100 countries in the world. On this day, Teachers are honored for their immense contribution towards the education and development of children.

History of World Teachers Day:

UNESCO believes that education, culture and communication are the means to building peace. UNESCO inaugurated World Teachers Day in 1994 to focus attention on the contributions and achievements of Teachers, and to highlight Teachers' concerns and priorities regarding education.
October 5 was selected as the date to internationally celebrate Teachers because on that date in 1966 a special intergovernmental conference adopted the UNESCO recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers. For the first time, this recommendation gave Teachers throughout the world an instrument that defines their responsibilities and asserts their rights.

Celebrations On World Teachers Day:

Various events are arranged in many countries around the world on this day. These include celebrations to honor Teachers in general or those who have made a special contribution to a particular community. The day may also be marked by conferences emphasizing the importance of Teachers and learning, extra training sessions for Teachers, recruitment drives for the teaching profession among university students or other suitably qualified professionals and events to increase the profile of Teachers and the role they play in the media.

Celebrations Around the World:

It is celebrated by over 100 countries in the world aided by the efforts of Education International to appreciate the efforts of Teachers and express gratitude towards them. Since Teachers Day is observed on different dates in different countries of the world, the celebrations also vary. World Teachers Day is a global observance and not a public holiday.


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